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SEO Services to drive massive traffic to your website or affiliate links!

SEO services for your business.

Are you ready to DOMINATE the front pages of Google searches and draw massive traffic to your website or product? We have a solution FAR more effective than Google Adwords "pay-per-click" advertising!


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you don't see an increase in traffic within 60 days, we refund your money! Why 60 days? Because even though you will begin to see results MUCH sooner (usually within 2 weeks), we build your traffic organically ("drip feed") -- otherwise search engines like Google penalize you because too much at once looks fake. Also, it takes Google time to identify and rank your pages and get them into the search results. Anyone promising overnight "get to #1 on Google page 1" results is scamming you, or those results will not "stick" for very long!

Here's how it works:

Imagine having thousands of your own referral websites showing up at the top of Google search results for thousands of keywords/keyphrases... basically all the terms your customers use to search for YOU, organically!

Think about it... if you had just 1,000 referral websites (our most basic level of service), and each site got just ONE VISITOR this month, that's 1,000 potential customers! Let's suppose just 5% of those visitors actually buy your product or service... that's 50 new customers this month!

Then, next month we add 1,000 more referral websites... and the month after that, 1,000 MORE. Within 6 months, you'll have 6,000 referral websites promoting your product or service, and 300 new customers per month! What is that worth to you?

Now, you could buy pay-per-click advertising (like Google Adwords), and if you were paying $1 per click, those 50 new customers would cost you $1,000 every month (1,000 total visitor clicks per month x $1 per click, with the result of 50 buyers). And, if you wanted 300 new customers per month, that would cost you $6,000 every month!

OR... you could get far better results through OUR service starting at just $45 per month! Sign up now and you'll be on your way to total DOMINATION in one week!

It's SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE, and GUARANTEED TO WORK... you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

  • Simply provide your website or affiliate link URL and your email address, and sign-up whatever level of service you wish in the form on the right.
  • We will analyze the keywords/keyphrases that will draw the most traffic to your website or affiliate link. We will submit them to you for your approval before we move forward.
  • After you approve the keywords, we will create 1,000 to 10,000 unique referral websites within one week (depending on the level of service you select), each promoting whatever you want to draw traffic to (your website, your ClickBank hoplinks, your Empower Network affiliate link -- ANYTHING). We can host your referral websites ourselves (you don't even need a website of your own), or you can host them... it's up to you. We will submit these sites to the search engines for faster indexing -- your referral websites will show-up in search results more quickly than waiting for the search engines to discover them.
  • These referral websites are optimized around hundreds or even thousands of keyword combinations. This means that many of your pages will appear on the front pages of searches -- even reaching #1 in many cases! More new customers will be able to find you, because now you will show-up in search results for hundreds or thousands of different keywords searched -- you can't possibly do that any other way! This also means that the traffic you will get to your site is ready to BUY, because they searched for a very specific thing and found YOU at the top of the search results!
  • Next month, and every month after that as long as you continue the service, we will add 1,000 to 10,000 MORE referral websites (depending on your level of service). This means you will capture MORE customers eager to buy whatever you're selling!
  • You will begin to see results as soon as Google, Yahoo and Bing recognize the new pages (this usually starts to happen within a week, and gradually increases). The higher your level of service, and the longer you continue your service, the more pages get produced that are working to promote your website or product. Not only this, but in time you can BURY your competitors, even knocking many of them off the first page of the search results!
  • We will provide you with monthly tracking information about your pages so you can clearly see the traffic your referral websites are generating for you. We GUARANTEE your traffic will increase within 60 days, or your money back!
  • You can stop your monthly service at any time and your referral websites will still be there working for you. Simply contact us to tell us you'd like to cancel your service.
  • Note that if you choose to have us host your referral websites, we will do so for two years. Otherwise, if you choose to host your referral websites yourself, simply inform us and we will send them to you as we create them so you can upload them to your webhost (or we can upload them for you).

Our special rates will not last forever, so sign-up for whatever level of service you want using the form and button to the right, or contact us to discuss your specific needs (massive backlinking, on-page SEO, online marketing, website design, and much more).